pg website header You’re building the business of your dreams, showing the world what you can do……….

….well, once you’ve figured out how to get your website to stop freaking out, that is.

Oh, and then you’ve got to get your blog posted, a decent design for your new ebook………and finally get a system for onboarding new clients and customers!

Cue: frustration, feeling guilty & stressed!

This is where Pretty Geeky steps in.

I’m Nikki – a self confessed, multipassionate geek with a HUGE passion for all things creative and techy!

The stuff that drives you nuts and holds you back, is the stuff that I love to do!

I help ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, to bring the perfect balance of beauty and brains to their businesses so they can focus on achieving and surpassing their goals!

Nikki Pretty Geeky

Think about it :

You could have the most beautiful brand in the world but if your website, systems and tech set up are clunky – potential customers and clients are going to get fed up, fast.

Likewise, even the fanciest tech tool won’t do that much for your business if your business design looks like a 90s throwback. Nobody would bat an eyelid in your direction.

Nobody can do it all, so stop wearing yourself out trying!

What you need is someone who can take the ‘little details’ off your hands to leave you free to think about the big picture.

See how I can help you