QuoteRunning a business can be pretty overwhelming (understatement or what haha?!).

I’d like to bet a lot of business owners spend the majority of their day obsessing, possibly even worrying over making the next sale or landing the next client.  If the flow inwards isn’t quite as fast as you’d like you can get yourself pretty stressed out trying to figure out where to find more business.

I personally like to think of running a business a little bit like tending to a garden.  A lot of different things need to be done to make a garden look good and flourish and likewise a lot of different things need to happen to run a successful business including marketing, administration, accounting and your billable work to name a few.  All of these areas are important but that’s a whole other post entirely!  For today let’s just focus on your clients/customers – which for our garden metaphor we’ll call the flowers.

Now if you wanted to grow beautiful flowers in your garden what would you do?  You’d plant seeds – and lots of them!  Then you’d water and feed them to make sure to the best of your ability those seeds flourished into beautiful flowers.  It would be foolish to assume that planting just one seed would give you absolute certainty of a whole bunch of flowers let alone just the one! You can’t expect to make sales by just putting out one tweet!

The same principle can be applied to marketing and this is where many people go wrong.  You put one seed out there and then obsess over it flowering (or in the case of business, the ‘seed’ converting to a sale).  You can’t expect to make sales by just putting out one tweet!  Ok that’s an extreme example but you get where I’m going with this.

Instead, why not try flipping your thinking.  Don’t spend your days obsessing over how many clients you land or sales you make (not that they aren’t important) but take some time to focus on the ‘seeds’ you plant.  Why not every day make a goal to get 5 ‘seeds’ out there.  The ‘seeds’ could be spending some time connecting with and helping others on a forum or group on Social Media, you could come up with a valuable freebie for your email subscribers, you could start a newsletter or you could write a blog post.  There are many, many more so grab a pen (or your smart phone) and quickly write out a list now of how you could plant some seeds today!

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