It’s the thing you dread the most. You’ve committed to blogging on a regular schedule to build your business, blog post day arrives and you’ve got nothing.

Not even a headline.

bloggers blockYou’re sat at your desk, hands hovering over the keyboard with no clue of what content to create and you feel frustrated.

You’ve got:

Bloggers Block!

Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience and demonstrate your expertise but at times it can be really tough trying to think of valuable content to put out there. (I speak from personal experience here!).

Most people know that consistency with blogging is really important but when Bloggers Block hits it literally paralyses you and most people end up giving up.

Just because you’ve hit Bloggers Block doesn’t mean you can’t get past it!  Here are my top tips for pushing past it and come up with great content ideas.

1. Let go of perfectionism

One of the most common reasons people struggle with writing is they hold impossibly high standards for themselves that they feel they’re failing to meet. They either expect to create a masterpiece on their first creation or worse, they compare themselves with other, more experienced, bloggers. This is crazy! Accept the fact that you’ll write some great pieces of content and then you’ll write some stinkers! If everybody only put out content to the world when it was ‘perfect’ we’d have very little to read………

2. Just do it.

As Nike says “Just Do It”. No matter how much you think you suck at writing content, set aside regular times to write and just do it. It doesn’t matter what you write about or how boring it might be, the more you practise the habit of writing, the better you’ll get at it!  I currently have 2x 1 hour slots per week to sit and write but some people swear by a little time to write each morning/evening. Figure out what works best for you and get it in your schedule!

3. Become a ‘bookworm’

The best way to expand your knowledge and improve your writing is to read on a regular basis. Set aside some time to read books, blogs and articles that are all relevant to your business.  Aside from improving your language skills, it will spark no end of ideas for things you could write about!

4. Take note

Continuing on from tip 3, make sure you have something with you, at all times, so you can take note of your inspiration. I love to use Evernote on my iPhone but even a good old fashioned paper notebook will do! Any time an idea or even a headline hits – write it down immediately! Seriously, don’t fall prey to the “Oh I’ll write that down later” because I can guarantee you’ll be kicking yourself later when “you know you had something to write down but you just can’t remember what it was”!

5. Listen

Open up your email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, etc and just take a moment to read through the posts. The best way to come up with content ideas is to listen to your audience. What questions are they asking or problems do they have that you could help with? Answer/Advise them in a blog post! (Big Secret: ;0) That’s how I came up with this post!)

6. Brainstorm

One of my personal favourite ways to come up with content is doing a headline brainstorm. Get strategic with your blogging. Let’s face it, you’re not blogging for the fun of it – the whole point is to give great, useful content to your readers, position you as an expert and ultimately help you gain clients/sales. Your blog content should support the products/services you provide. There’s no use posting about productivity and time management when you sell jewellery.

Your blogs should give your clients great value, demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and give your clients confidence in your product/service.

If you sell skin care products some possible topics you could blog about are:

    • How to maintain young looking skin
    • The 1 thing you can do to stop premature ageing
    • What’s causing your blemishes

All those headlines would solve a problem for your reader, demonstrate your knowledge and naturally, demonstrate how your products can benefit them.

If you’re a service based business, for instance a Life Coach, your topics may include:

    • 3 ways you’re sabotaging your success
    • How to get focused in your business

Set aside some time to brainstorm some topics/headlines for your blog.

Which strategy will you try to help you kick Bloggers Block? Remember, if you don’t have Bloggers Block right now – it’s quite likely you will at some point in the future so bookmark this article to refer back to!

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  • Good article. It has inspired me to write an article for my website

    • admin

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article Sophia 🙂