Celebrating Small Wins

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

Wooohooooo! I made it!

Ten consecutive days of blogging in the bag! I have to admit, before I started I wasn’t sure if I would make it. Considering I hadn’t blogged in months how was I suddenly going to manage 10 straight days?!

It hasn’t been without it’s challenges – sometimes squeezing blog posts in at night in bed before I head to sleep, but achieving this goal was important to me. No matter what – I HAD to make it.

Today’s challenge is all about reflecting on the challenge we’ve undertaken.

As challenging as it has been I have enjoyed every minute. Every day I’ve grown in confidence, proving to myself that I can set a goal AND achieve it. I am capable of much more than I sometimes believe I can.

Out of the whole 10 days my favourites were Day 2 and Day 5.

On Day 2 I discovered what freedom really means to me and why it’s so important to me – it was shocking to think I’ve been working away so hard and never really addressed what it truly is all for.

On Day 5 I put together a routine for success to ensure my big goals move forward every day. I’ve spent so long caught up in busy work that the bigger picture often gets forgotten.

My biggest takeaway has been about making time to consider WHY you’re doing something. So often I have just done things and never considered if it fits with my goals, whether it will it will take me away from ideal lifestyle or not. This is probably been the thing that trips me up the most.

As my next step towards freedom I am going to move forward my goal of teaching again and write and sell an online live workshop. I adore to teach and currently I’m not doing anything that feeds that particular passion.

Here’s to achieving goals, doing what you set out to do and continuing to blog!

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