Feeling panicked at the thought of delegating to a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual AssistantA couple of things I hear A LOT from people who either aren’t experienced in delegating to a Virtual Assistant or those who have had negative experiences is:

It takes too long to delegate things, by the time I’ve explained it all I could have done it myself quicker

I’m worried they won’t do it as well as I could and I’ll just have to redo it all

I’ve got news for you – these are not commonplace, this is just a myth.  Negative experiences with delegating usually come down to one thing – POOR COMMUNICATION.

Here are my top strategies to help you delegate quicker and avoid these problems!

Think it through

Take a few moments to think through the task you’re delegating.  How much time should be spent on it, what is the outcome you want achieved and what resources will be needed to complete the task?

For example, if you want to delegate your social media to a Virtual Assistant it’s not enough to say “schedule some posts on my Facebook account”.  You need to plan out what updates you want putting out there or at least a rough plan of the types of content and promotional updates you want to share.

Then you need to figure out what outcome you are trying to achieve.  Maybe you want to increase your engagement level, maybe you want to lead people through to sign up for your mailing list – figure out what you want to achieve and then your Virtual Assistant will centre their approach to the task around that.

Finally, what resources will be needed to complete the task.  In this case your social media accounts will be a resource but it could also include your blog (for sharing your content), your landing page, a link to a document containing your updates, etc.  Make sure you make your Virtual Assistant aware of things they will need to complete the project – don’t assume they’ll automatically know where your landing page is.

Embrace Technology

Delegating doesn’t have to take an age to do!  Embrace technology and use it to your advantage.  Why sit for hours writing out instructions on how to complete the task when you could:

  • Record an audio note explaining what you want doing and any important things to be aware of.  If you have an iPhone the Voice Memos app comes as standard – simply record the message and email it to yourself.  Then you can upload it to your Virtual Assistant’s project management space or support desk.  Audio is far quicker than typing everything out!

  • Record a screencast to show your Virtual Assistant what you want them to do.  A screencast is a recording of your computer screen with the option of recording your voice as well (I use these in my Client Welcome Videos).  These are perfect for helping you delegate more complicated tasks that have a lot of steps to them.  Screenshots and written instructions can take literally hours to write out whereas you can record a video in a matter of minutes showing exactly where to find things and how to do the task.  If your video will be less than 5 minutes long you can use the free program Jing to record your screen to send to your Virtual Assistant.  For longer screencasts you’ll need a paid solution and I recommend Screenflow for this.

  • But what if you’ve got a sketch of an idea for your logo design or website layout – how can you show this to your Virtual Assistant?  This is where those devices we quite often seem permanently attached to come in handy!  Grab your smart phone and take a picture or record a short video showing your Virtual Assistant your sketch and explaining it.  Who needs faxes anymore?! ;0)

I want you to take one of these strategies and use it this week – let me know if it saves you more time and get’s you better results!