email newsletterEmail newsletters are a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your market and building trust with your potential customers.

As fantastic as social media is it can be pretty frustrating trying to get your posts seen without paying every time.  This is where email marketing dominates.  Provided you don’t hit the spam filters, you don’t have any complicated algorithms to try and outsmart to get your message seen.  You simply hit send and the email newsletter lands in your audience’s inbox!

Quite often people get so overwhelmed sending newsletters.  The frequency can be very erratic (some weeks they send them, some weeks they don’t) and they usually end up in a panic the night before stressing over what to write.

It doesn’t need to be this way!  I’m going to show you how to make it super simple and most importantly how to save time doing it!

Setting it up

  • First you need to sign up to an email marketing provider.  The two most well known services (in my opinion) are Mailchimp and Aweber.  Having used both of them I personally prefer and recommend Mailchimp.  The interface is very simple, easy to use and it’s free for up to 2000 subscribers!
  • After you’ve set up your account you need to collect people’s email addresses right?  So you need to have at least 2 sign up boxes – 1 for your website/blog and 1 for your Facebook page.  It’s a good idea to have some sort of freebie in exchange for sign ups – more on that next week!

If you’re not a techy person you can delegate the set up of your email marketing to a Virtual Assistant and save yourself the time you would need to learn how to do it.

Ok, so now you need to send some emails!

Here’s how to avoid the last minute panics and save yourself loads of time.

  • First decide how often you want to send your email newsletter.  You need to send something once per month at an absolute minimum (otherwise you run the risk of your list forgetting who you are!) but you can send bi-weekly or once a week if that works for you.
  • Next you need to decide on the day and time (roughly) you want to send.  The key with email marketing is consistency.  If you decide to send an email newsletter on the 10th of every month then you need to make sure that the newsletter is sent on the 10th each and every month without fail.  If you want to build trust with your email subscribers then you need to do what you say you will.


Here’s how to make writing your newsletter quick and easy!

  • What will the main takeaway from your newsletter be?  If you’re a personal trainer you might want to send a fitness tip or mini workout in each email.  If you’re a coach you might want to send a YouTube video each week with a strategy for your subscribers to work on.
  • Decide on your layout/features.  Imagine your email newsletter is like a little magazine with regular features that appear in each email.  You’ll have a little intro and catch up with your subscribers in each email, your main piece of content and then a few other little sections that might contain your social media links, links to your blog, your recommendations (eg if you’re a personal trainer you’d recommend the best workout gear, trainers etc) and you can even put a section with a testimonial in from customers who love your product/services!
  • Create your content strategy.  If you’re emailing your list every week, a bite sized tip/exercise/strategy or weekly article for your subscribers to implement is a great idea.  If however, you are emailing your subscribers on a monthly basis the email will need to be more of a ‘bumper packed’ issue.  Think about weekly magazines vs monthly – the monthly issues are (usually) always thicker with more useful content for their readers!

Avoid the last minute panic!

Most people (and yes I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past!) will scramble around in a panic putting their newsletter for the week/month together the night (or hour!) before it goes out.  It’s no surprise that people can get tired of the stress and give up on email newsletters.

The easiest way to overcome this is to write your newsletters in bulk.  Set up a basic template in Google Docs with a heading for each of the sections of your newsletter and set up a basic editorial calendar in Google Calendar.

In your editorial calendar plan out the topics/tips you want to write about for an entire month (if you email monthly then plan out each quarter of the year).  To make it easier for yourself you could theme each month around a certain topic and split it into 4-5 weeks.  All you need to plan is your topic and the heading – nothing more.

Then at the beginning of the month sit down and write as much of your newsletter content as possible.  There will be certain sections like your intro that are best written nearer the time but your tips or articles can easily be done ahead of time.  I personally have 2 x 1 hour slots per week in my diary for writing articles and content so that I can stay as far ahead as possible and avoid the ‘last minute’ panic!

All you need to do then is copy and paste your content into your template and schedule it ready to send!

Sending an email newsletter doesn’t have to be a headache – by planning in advance and writing in bulk you can save a lot of time and make it super easy!

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