It’s a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it?

You don’t feel you’re bringing enough money in yet to justify hiring a Virtual Assistant yet you’re so busy and overwhelmed trying to do everything yourself that you don’t actually have the time to focus on bringing more money in. What do you do when you’re faced with this? Scramble to find the money for help and leave yourself short or continue to struggle on your own until there is more income to allow for hiring support?

small steps quoteI suggest you forget the ‘all or nothing’ approach and try this instead – get some assistance for just 30 minutes per week (even just 15 minutes if you’re really strapped for cash!) and take baby steps into the world of delegating. Could you manage £12 – £15 per week? Give up a couple of Starbucks per week and you’ve got it covered. If you delegate the right task (I’ll help you pick that below) you’ll free up your time to focus on income producing activities, bringing in more money to further your business and also enable you to afford to delegate more! Sound simple? It is! :0)

Ok so how do we delegate the ‘right’ task that will have the greatest impact for you?

  • Take a pen and paper and have a good 10-15 minutes brainstorming all the tasks you do in your business that either:

    • Frustrate you
    • Take you large portions of time
    • Don’t necessarily need to be done by you
    • Aren’t directly income producing

You’ll probably find a lot of the tasks that may fall into this category are things like social media, customer support, administrative tasks, web maintenance, graphic design, record keeping, data entry, etc.

  • If your answers in the above exercise are quite broad, split them down into smaller, more specific tasks eg post a blog once per week, send email newsletter, schedule facebook updates, send out invoices, send client welcome packs, update customer database, etc.

  • Take your list of tasks and rank them order of most time consuming/frustrating.  At the top of this list should be the task, that if delegated, would alleviate of lot of frustration and save you a lot of time to spend on other activities.

The last step?

  • Delegate that one task to a Virtual Assistant!  Don’t worry if you think the task would take longer than 30 minutes, simply instruct your VA to just spend the 30 minutes per week on the task, or a portion of it, to help keep your costs under control.  That’s still 30 minutes less work for you (possibly more if it’s not something you are particularly speedy at!) and it will help you to build confidence in delegating.

I want to hear from you now – after reading and following the steps what one task will you be delegating?

We have a great list on our ‘Test Drive‘ package page you might want to check out for ideas if you’re stuck!