images-for-facebookIf you’ve been getting my weekly emails in your inbox recently you will have seen that my recommendation for May is an awesome online graphic design tool called Canva. Since I discovered it I have become totally obsessed with it!

I see in many groups and forums that I’m a part of that people struggle with things like this so I thought you all might find it useful if I popped together a little tutorial so you can all create your own branded quote images to share on your Facebook page. They don’t have to take up hours and hours designing – if you know roughly what you want to create you could have this done in 10 minutes easily!


Ok now it’s over to you! I want you to have a play around with Canva and then show me either in the comments on this blog page or on the Facebook fanpage what images you came up with!

If you know somebody who would find this tutorial useful – share it with them 🙂

If you’ve enjoyed the tutorial and would love to see more like this, get in touch and tell me what you need help with.