Is Your Business A Smooth Ride

Is your business a smooth ride?

For today’s business owners and entrepreneurs, business is personal. We spend so much time pouring our heart and soul into everything we do that it’s only natural our businesses become a reflection of who we are!

But, have you ever taken the time to discover if that reflection is what you want? How you intended it to be?

Maybe you want your prospects and clients to think of your business as a smooth, high end service but the actual experience is clunky and disjointed!

The only way you can ensure your business lives up to your vision is to take it for a spin! It’s time to test drive your business my friend!

So what areas should you test drive?

This is very much unique to your business and what product or service you offer. If you’re an online entrepreneur offering programs, packages or services here are the areas I would recommend testing:

Mailing List Sign Up

  • How quick and easy is it to sign up to grab your irresistible freebie?
    Does the sign up form require too much information?
    In most cases you don’t need anything more than their name and email address.
  • Do the opt in and welcome emails give me all the information I need?
    Do they answer any questions I may have or point me to somewhere that could help? (Sometimes people want to know more about you and your business as well as grabbing your freebie!)
  • Does the freebie get delivered to my inbox easily? Is it clear how I access or download the content?

If you don’t have clear answers to these questions – you’ve got some changes make!

Contact Form

  • Is there a link on the page to a FAQ page to help me get my answer more quickly? (and to save you answering the same questions over and over!)
  • Is your contact form easy to complete and send?
    Will I get a copy of the message I sent or some sort of confirmation that it was sent?
  • Do I know when to expect a response?

This page may seem unimportant compared to your sales pages but the information you include on this page can help to alleviate the volume of emails you receive and stop your prospects and clients panicking if they haven’t heard back from you in 10 minutes!

Product Sign Up

  • How easy is it for me to buy from you (whether it’s services or an e-product)?
    Can I click and pay to get what I want straight away or is it an overly complex game of ‘email tennis’ just to get my hands on a low cost ebook?
  • After I take steps to purchase the product do I know what to expect next?
  • Will I have any additional questions once I get the product?
    Can I find answers to these questions quickly and easily?

A lot of the time we get so excited about making the sale that we forget to consider it from the customer’s perspective. Put yourself in their shoes and really think about what experience you would expect when making a purchase. Once you’ve got the basics covered then think about what you can do to go the extra mile and make it really awesome for them!

Making appointments

If you have a service based business such as graphic or web design, virtual assistance, etc you probably have the facility for your clients to arrange a consultation with you.

  • How easy is it for somebody to book time with you?
    Does it involve endless emails back and forth or can you easily find a slot and book it online?
  • Is it clear what will happen the day of the appointment?
    How will we make contact and do I need to prepare anything ahead of time?

This can often be the most frustrating part of running a service based business but it doesn’t need to be so difficult! Check out some online scheduling software (I recommend Acuity Scheduling*) and take a few minutes to think about what information you need prior to the appointment and add these questions to a booking form.

(* denotes an affiliate link where if you sign up to the service/product I get a little kickback from this. I only affiliate with products I truly love and would wholeheartedly recommend)

Just by taking a little time to get into your potential client’s digital shoes you can see what user experience your business is putting out there and if necessary, take the steps to align it with your vision.

I’m curious – did you take the test drive? What areas are you really happy with and is there anything you plan to improve upon? Let me know in the comments!

  • Oooh what a great idea! I did this once for my optin after like 6 months of it being up and I was horrified by the typos and strange things I put in the emails. It’s so easy to miss things when you’ve been working on them for a long time…by the time you set them, it’s like you’ve been too close to see the problems. Plus, our business goals and voice changes over time so it’s important to go back in and check to see if all those little details of a process still make sense. Will definitely be doing a test drive again soon, thank you for the reminder!

    • You’re welcome Leah – I agree they are a constant work in progress and will change over time as you improve and refine your business. Nikki 🙂

  • Ohhh my I adore this post! I totally need to test drive my business! Thank you for such a practical post with tons of great “pokes”!

  • Great advice and something we should all take the time to do, not just once but from time to time just to make sure nothing has fallen over that we don’t know about.

  • Thanks for the nudge. I know I need to update my the language in my opt-in sign up process.It’s one of those things that you set up and then forget about. But it plays a huge part of someone’s impressions of you.

    • Definitely – a great idea is to pop it in your calendar to review these things from time to time – I know I have to! Nikki 🙂