Living As A Location Independent

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

For today’s challenge we have to imagine we’re spending a month in Portugal and we need to consider how we will balance our personal and business life.

Now, although my dreams of location independence don’t really involve a lot of regular travelling (as my little girl is in school), this is a situation that I have spent a long time trying to figure out. 

Location independence to me is being able to work from anywhere I need to depending on what my family and life call for at any particular time. Whether that’s working from a coffee shop, working from home when my little girl is ill or keeping tabs on my business if we’re having an extended break somewhere.

I would get up nice and early at 6:30am to make a head start on the day – checking my inbox, working on my next blog post and journalling. After going through my inbox I would distribute any tasks for my team to do. Throughout this challenge I’ve learned that I simply cannot get the freedom I want in my life without this.

There isn’t enough time in the world for me to do everything myself.

Then it’s time to have a lovely breakfast with my family out on the balcony in the morning sun. Whilst everyone gets dressed I hop on my iPad to schedule some social media posts for the day.

When everyone is ready it’s time to head out for the day – off to explore one of the surrounding areas to where we’re staying. We have lunch in a small local restaurant and it is absolutely delicious! As it’s pretty hot we then pick up some food for dinner and head back to the villa to cool down a little – my little girl loves taking advantage of the pool!

I fit in a quick workout and then get my head down for a few hours of work myself before I need to prepare dinner.

It’s now time to eat our dinner out on the balcony as the sun starts to go down, this is one of my favourite times of day. Then before my little girl heads to bed we go out to take a walk by the beach and grab a drink.

After bedtime duties are finished I then quickly check in with my team to see how the day has gone and check on the workload for tomorrow. The day ends with me and my fiance relaxing for the evening. We’ll either read books, watch a movie or our favourite – a super competitive game of Uno!

How would you balance work as a location independent?

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