My Business Role Models

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

In today’s blog challenge it’s all about our role models. I really found this challenge so much fun but it was tough to choose as there are so many people who inspire me!

There are some amazing people out there doing incredible things including Nikki Elledge Brown, Pat Flynn, Michelle Dale and Michelle Mone. I could have wrote something about every single one of them but the challenge was to pick just two. So for this blog I’ve chosen to focus on the two women who have inspired me the most.

Carrie Green of FEA

I first saw Carrie through her online magazine that was shared on Facebook back around 2012/2013. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be quite lonely and it isn’t wasn’t always as easy to find support from like minded people (not like today where there are like a gazillion Facebook groups for it!). I looked forward to each issue every month – I loved the mindset Carrie had and everything she shared.

In January 2014 I joined The Members Club and I’m still a member today over 2 years later. The things I’ve learned and the support I’ve received has been invaluable.

Carrie has the ultimate lifestyle business – she makes an impressive income and can work from anywhere on her laptop – you can’t get much more freedom than that! Her business isn’t linked to making money in exchange for her time and this is something I hope to achieve one day so I can spend more time with my family.

The one question I would love to ask Carrie is:

“What 3 things that you’ve done in your business do you believe made the biggest impact on your business success?”

Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co

I discovered Lauren through a blog post shared in a Facebook group about her unique approach to running her design business.

The business of a Freelancer can be hectic and very stressful when managing multiple projects. It’s also difficult increasing your income without having to increase your working hours.

Lauren has created a profitable freelancing business with her streamlined approach to design projects – working with 1 client at a time and completing every project within 2 weeks. With this simple approach she can plan ahead and know that she’ll never have those weeks with “too much on her plate” – you know the ones when you want to tear your hair out!

She’s also added online courses and a digital library to her business to give her more leveraged and passive income too which is something that is also high up on my goal list!

The one question I would love to ask Lauren is:

“What advice would you give to an overwhelmed freelancer feeling stuck between creating more freedom for themselves (and their family) but also needing to grow their business and their income to support themselves?” 

Who are your role models & why? Let me know in the comments!

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