My Kind Of Adventure

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8.

Today’s challenge is all about taking yourself on an adventure.

It’s a Saturday and I’m at a family wedding – how on earth am I going to manage to complete this challenge?!

I watched the challenge video and had no idea how I would manage to fulfill this when every minute of my day was accounted for.

I have to admit that in the traditional sense of the word I am not at all an adventurous person. Rock climbing, bungee jumping and sky diving are the type of things that spring to mind when I think about adventure and activities like that (especially jumping out of or off things) are my idea of hell to be quite frank!

For some reason I seem to relate adventure to high adrenalin activities so I made the assumption that adventures just aren’t for me.

But it turns out I was wrong.

As I learnt throughout this day, adventure to me isn’t about wild activities that get your heart racing.

As a mama to a 5 year old I’ll be honest and say that opportunities to get all dressed up, do pretty make up and make my hair fancy don’t come along often. It’s pretty much just mascara, bronzer and tidy hair – just whatever to look ‘presentable’. So for one day it was so fun to feel glamourous. It was fun to have long lashes and curly hair (my hair is poker straight usually!) and to wear a dress that made me feel like a million dollars! Yep, a dress – with lots of pink sparkles too!!! Those days rarely happen now!

I spent the morning getting glammed up with my little girl and making her hair look pretty too – this is the first event we’ve had where she’s been old enough to do anything like this with me and it was so fun for us to share that experience of getting ready for the party together and putting our dresses on!

The wedding was so wonderful, seeing everyone make happy memories and spending time with family in a new setting with no distractions from day to day life. This is when I realised that my idea of adventure is fun social events – going for meals, attending parties, having afternoon tea with a friend. I love to be around people and as a mama you have a whole new appreciation for the social time you spend with others – a stress free, distraction free occasion is so treasured!!!

My favourite part of the day was near the end of the night. I remember in my childhood attending so many family parties and ALWAYS being the first one on the dancefloor. I just love to dance and could happily spend the entire night out on that floor. The best moment for me was sharing that floor with my little girl, the first time she’s ever really attended a ‘disco’ and bustin’ a move with my girl is a moment I’ll treasure forever (especially as we boogied to our favourite – Elvis Presley!)

So to sum it all up – I think adventure doesn’t have to mean death defying or heart racing activities – I chose to define it as immersing yourself in activities that make your heart sing and your face light up.

Tell me, what’s your adventure?

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