Top 5 Online Systems To Organise Your Business


As a business owner and mummy to a 3 year old, I always have plenty of things screaming for my attention and focus (in the case of my 3 year old, sometimes quite literally screaming!). I’m always on the lookout for tools or systems that can help me get more done, or get it done quicker!

For me, I need things that are simple to use, cut out unnecessary, time consuming steps and are cloud based so I have more flexibility in accessing them from wherever or whatever device I’m using!

Here are my top 5 online systems to organise your business:


Teamwork is a Project Management system that is the absolute centre of my business. Rather than clutter up an email inbox with hundreds of emails between clients, I keep each project/client organised in their own little area in Teamwork.

I store all correspondence, notes, files and links relating to each project in there so I can find everything I need in one place to complete the job as quickly and easily as possible. You can easily use this yourself to organise your work or with a team to streamline collaboration.

Teamwork has both free and paid for options – you can check it out here. (Heads up – that is an affiliate link so if you decide to sign up I get a small kickback)


If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while you’ll know I get frustrated with piles of paper and receipts! It’s no secret that book keeping is not my strong point and given half the chance I’ll procrastinate over it until the last painstaking minute!

Freshbooks is an online accounting software that links with PayPal, has the ability to store electronic copies of your receipts and is super simple to use.

If your business calls for it, you can track time on projects and assign expenses to client accounts for reimbursement.

It also has a reporting feature that will help you to keep an eye on your income and expenses.

Like Teamwork,  Freshbooks also has both free and paid options which you can check out here. (Heads up – that is an affiliate link so if you decide to sign up I get a small kickback)


If you’re anything like me, you probably love nothing more than spending an hour (or 3!) reading through your favourite blogs and searching out new ones!

It can be a little overwhelming to keep up with things when links are regularly popping up on your social media feed and your inbox is jammed with emails to notify you of new posts. Enter: Feedly and Pocket.

Since Google Reader was removed I was at a loss as to how to organise my blog feeds. I like to read lots of blogs and it can be time consuming trying to keep up with them all. Google Reader was a great place to read all my feeds at once.

The best alternative out there (for me) is Feedly. Not only does it have an easy to use desktop platform, it has a mobile app too so you can read your blogs on the go! You can organise your blogs into groups (e.g. Business, Marketing, Personal), you can tag posts for easier searching at a later date and you can save articles to read later. It also has integration with a lot of popular platforms including Evernote, Pocket and Hootsuite to name a few!

Although they have a paid account option (Feedly Pro) I’ve always found the free version more than adequate! Check it out here.


This is one of my absolute favourite apps! Before I discovered Pocket I would literally spend hours and hours on Facebook, reading the links to articles because I “didn’t want to lose them”. As the newsfeed changes fast, I knew it wasn’t always easy to find posts again so I was almost chained to my iPhone/iPad reading articles people shared.

Then I discovered Pocket! Pocket is a fantastic “read it later” app that with the simple copy and paste of a link you save a copy of the article to read later. It may not sound like much but now if I see a link on my newsfeed I just grab the url, open Pocket and save it. Then once a week (or whenever I have more time to sit and read things) I go into Pocket and make my way through the list! An essential to help keep you productive!

Check out Pocket here.


Dropbox is one of my most used systems and I really couldn’t do without it (like I really couldn’t run my business at all!). Dropbox is a cloud storage system for your files – kind of like a virtual USB memory stick! I have the Dropbox app on my MacBook, my iPad and my iPhone so I can access my files and folders from all my devices and see the same file versions on every one. You can also access Dropbox via an internet browser so if you were at another computer you can still access your stuff!

You can share files with people too, so rather than emailing numerous different versions of the same file you can all collaborate in one place so it saves time and computer space!

Dropbox has both free and paid accounts and you can check them both out here.
(Heads up – that is an affiliate link so if you decide to sign up I get a small kickback)

So there you have it! My top 5 online systems for organising your business – do you have any others to suggest? Leave me a comment and let me know!

  • Brilliant article yet again. 🙂 I love the sounds of TeamWork so I am off to investigate now and isn’t Dropbox the bees knees! Don’t know what I would do without it. Do you use Evernote? I have it.. but don’t quite get it or maybe I just don’t need it.. Its like OneNote.. yes it looks amazing but I have never quite understood the point of it.

    • Oh yes I love Evernote too! It was hard to shortlist my 5!

      Maybe I should do an Evernote article? I use it for everything! 🙂