If you’ve ever had to DIY your own workbooks, printables or ebooks you’ve probably felt frustrated at how long it takes to get things put together or disappointed that the vision in your head just hasn’t made it’s way to the screen!

I’m here to help.

Have you ever signed up to receive somebody’s ebook, opened it and just thought “WOW!”?

Well guess what? I’m here to create that experience for your audience.

I was so pleased with the quality of Nikki’s work – my project came out beautifully, I received prompt response to my enquiries and my project was completed within the agreed time frame. From the very beginning everything was so smooth and well thought out. There was clarity in all communication and the structures & systems Nikki has in place made me feel so well supported and organised. Nikki exceeded my expectations and saved me lots of time, unnecessary stress and confusion. She delivered a project of high quality, beauty and functionality – invaluable! I would recommend Nikki to any entrepreneur who wants to save time and energy by delegating the projects that are out of their zone of genius and expertise to a fully reliable and truly skillful VA who will take excellent care of them, support them throughout and actually grant them peace of mind and great results.
Stella Stathi, Body Prema
Stella Stathi

You never know what you’re going to get in this whole “online world.”  I’ve been in business long enough to know that every new hire is venturing into the unknown. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Nikki’s work! I am so happy to have some solid support, I can’t even tell you! l loooooove how easy it is to work with Nikki.  EVERYTHING is so organized and well communicated – it’s fabulous. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every project.  It’s incredibly helpful to have someone who knows my industry, knows social media, is technologically savvy, and is well adept at social media.  Peace of mind isn’t always easy to come by as an entrepreneur and Nikki’s support makes me breathe a lot more easily. I would highly recommend Nikki to ANY of my business girlfriends looking for some virtual/online support. Nikki is a “yes” girl.  She just gets it done.  I love that (and need it!). It’s challenging to be an entrepreneur and having skilled, pleasant people to work with is so key.  I’m super grateful we crossed paths!
Kerry Swetmon, System Envy
Kerry Swetmon

As a busy entrepreneur your time is better spent on the things that YOU do amazingly well rather than trying to juggle every role under the sun and quickly throwing things together last minute.

Let’s face it you could have the BEST information out there but if it’s not presented in an enticing way – it’s unlikely it’s going to get read or actioned.

Your digital creations are a visual representation of your business – it’s SO important to send them out there looking their best!

Plug & Play Opt Ins

The ‘Done For You’ service to give you everything you need to create a stylish opt in and market it!

With Plug & Play Opt Ins you get:

  • A 20 page (or under) perfectly branded ebook or workbook (with up to 2 revisions);
  • 3 Social Media graphics to promote your ebook/workbook (with up to 2 revisions) – 1 sized for Instagram, 1 for Pinterest and 1 for Facebook/Twitter;
  • A Facebook Ad image for ad campaigns (with up to 2 revisions);
  • A tutorial to show you how to integrate it with email marketing software.

All you need to do is provide the content and any logos or branding that need to be integrated!

PG Plug & Play Opt Ins Graphics
PG Plug & Play Opt Ins


Let’s Do It!

What happens next?

Here’s what to expect once you’ve purchased your bundle:

  • You’ll be sent a link to a design questionnaire to complete for your project and encouraged to send through any files needed for the project eg copy & logos.
  • Once all information is received you’ll be booked into my workflow. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox during this time so you can view any drafts or make tweaks as you need to.
  • Your completed project will be emailed through to you (along with a link to the tutorial video) within 3-5 working days of your project start date.

It’s THAT easy!


Let’s Do It!


How do I pay you & do I pay upfront?
What if I need my completed ebook urgently?
What hours do you work?
Is this package only for people who want to create opt in freebies?


Let’s Do It!