pink spoon


Following on from last week’s post about setting up your own email newsletter I’m back today talking about Pink Spoons!

Before you click away thinking I’ve gone nuts, let me clarify!

Having a Pink Spoon to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter is the perfect way to help grow your list. Your prospect enters their email address on your sign-up form and once they’ve confirmed their subscription to your newsletter, they get the free ebook/audio/video/etc in their inbox via an auto responder!

The term ‘Pink Spoon Marketing’ originates from entrepreneur, Andrea Lee. The idea comes from a famous ice cream shop who allowed their customers to sample their many flavours for free before deciding on their purchase. In terms of your business, the idea is to give your potential clients a ‘taste’ of what you have to offer, for free, helping to build their trust in you and also to help them decide which of your products/services is right for them.

A Pink Spoon doesn’t have to be something physical like a sample of ice cream. Many entrepreneurs are already utilising this idea by offering things like a free ebook, an email tips series, an audio, videos or pdf worksheets. The sky’s the limit really! Your Pink Spoon can be whatever you want, provided it meets these 5 characteristics:

  • It’s free to your prospects.

Other than signing up to your free email newsletter, there shouldn’t be any cost or barrier for the client to get your Pink Spoon.  Not even £1!  Make it easy for them to ‘sample’.

  • It’s something of value.

You won’t have much success offering freebies that nobody wants. Your Pink Spoon should be something that is really useful to your prospect, something that they would be willing to pay for.

  • It’s a ‘taste’ of what you have to offer

If you sell a book, offer a free downloadable chapter. If you sell a month long program, give them a sample of one of the lessons/days.

  • It needs to be something easy for you to give away.

If you write an ebook, you make an initial investment of time to write it but once the distribution is set up the Pink Spoon will run itself. Offering free consultations would be a very time consuming freebie and difficult to give away – imagine if 100 people signed up to your email list in a week to take advantage of this?!

  • They should naturally lead people to your other products/services.

In the ice cream store you’d have a taste and then select a flavour for your ice cream cone. In business this could be the book chapter leading somebody to then purchase the whole book or a sample workout video leading to the whole workout program. Figure out what you can offer that will leave people naturally wanting to progress on.

If you don’t already have a sign-up offer for your newsletter then create one today! What would be the easiest (though still valuable) freebie for you to create? Let me know what you decide in the comments!

For those of you who already have a Pink Spoon why not review it to see how it matches up to the 5 characteristics above?