There are so many hats to wear in your business it would be quite easy to spend all your time running things behind the scenes and not making progress on growing your business!

But that’s not going to help you make money and that’s no bueno!

Here’s where Pretty Geeky steps in!

It’s impossible to juggle everything yourself, so stop trying! All packages are designed to take those time consuming creative and technical details off your hands so you’re free to focus on the money making stuff!

Business Support Packages

It can be difficult to juggle everything in your business when you’re chasing down your big entrepreneurial dreams. Trying to do everything yourself is virtually impossible.

With my help, we can ensure you make the progress you need towards these big goals without letting your business crumble in the process!

You don’t just need someone to help you get tasks done, you need somebody to collaborate with to put together awesome systems and strategies.

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WordPress Web Design

You’ve got an amazing business to show the world but translating that into your web presence is proving a challenge!

You know WordPress rocks but you don’t have any idea how to infuse your personality into, what seem like, rigid themes.

I’m here to help you create a website that showcases your business perfectly and reflects YOU.

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Website Overhaul

Are you DIY-ing your website and getting stuck with how to bring your vision to life? Maybe you’ve had your site and while and feel it needs a virtual ‘lick of paint’?

As proud as you are that you’re doing this yourself, sometimes it can be a god send to get a second opinion or some short term support to help you move forward.

Consider me your WordPress Angel!

Whether you want to refresh your design, add a cool new feature, need some 1:1 training or help customising your WordPress Template to fit you better – I can support you with this.

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WordPress Maintenance

Finally! A dedicated team that can help with everything!

As amazing and flexible as WordPress is – if you don’t keep it well maintained it can become vulnerable to malware and hacking and as your content on your website grows – they can become sooooooo sluggish!

The team is here 24/7 to help you – with plans featuring UNLIMITED website edits & 50% off your first month with no contract – you’d be mad to not try it out!

Here’s a WordPress website without the headaches! 🙂

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