Are you DIY-ing your website and getting stuck with how to bring your vision to life?

Maybe you’ve had your site and while and feel it needs a virtual ‘lick of paint’?

As proud as you are that you’re doing this yourself, sometimes it can be a god send to get a second opinion or some short term support to help you move forward.

Consider me your WordPress Angel!

Whether you want to refresh your design, add a cool new feature or customise your WordPress Template to fit you better – I can support you with this.

Nikki works with the utmost integrity and creativity. She is efficient and has an amazing system for communicating and being accountable. I have worked with her for multiple projects and always over delivers with sincere kindness, creativity, and on time results.
Raquel M Ramirez, RMR Social Media
Raquel M Ramirez

You never know what you’re going to get in this whole “online world.”  I’ve been in business long enough to know that every new hire is venturing into the unknown. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Nikki’s work! I am so happy to have some solid support, I can’t even tell you! l loooooove how easy it is to work with Nikki.  EVERYTHING is so organized and well communicated – it’s fabulous. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every project.  It’s incredibly helpful to have someone who knows my industry, knows social media, is technologically savvy, and is well adept at social media.  Peace of mind isn’t always easy to come by as an entrepreneur and Nikki’s support makes me breathe a lot more easily. I would highly recommend Nikki to ANY of my business girlfriends looking for some virtual/online support. Nikki is a “yes” girl.  She just gets it done.  I love that (and need it!). It’s challenging to be an entrepreneur and having skilled, pleasant people to work with is so key.  I’m super grateful we crossed paths!
Kerry Swetmon, System Envy
Kerry Swetmon

Is this you?

  • You’re the entrepreneur who’s already put together their site but feels a little deflated that it’s not EXACTLY how you imagined it would be….
  • You want to completely redesign your website but you’re not in the market for a custom design right now….
  • You know your website could work better for you but you’re just not sure what to change to improve it…..
  • You’re trying to add new features or layouts to your site and hitting technical blocks…..
  • You want to add a landing page to your website but feel overwhelmed trying to set it up and piece it together…..

Some short term support is all you need to get moving forward again!

The tasks you feel you’ve spent weeks (if not months!) on can get sorted in a matter of hours with the right kind of support and advice. The package consists of 5 hours of my support and also includes a Website Review Call for us to discuss your website, your goals and how we can improve your website going forward.

These hours can be used for any task relating to your website including:

Installing and configuring a WordPress E-Commerce plugin such as WooCommerce

Installing and completing SEO plugins.

Designing new pages for your website.

Designing landing pages and setting up opt ins.

Designing sales pages.

Revamping the design of your site including color palettes, fonts and graphics.

Advice around your existing content and the structure of your website.

Coaching sessions to teach you how to manage the features of your website.

Get the help you need to finish your website.

£350 / $475USD

Let’s Do This!

Sure you might be able to soldier on and figure it all out eventually but does that mean you should?

There are only so many hours in a day and are those precious hours best spent trying to do everything under the sun or would it be a smarter idea to spend time on activities that will generate more business for you?

Do you actually want to spend every waking moment you have working or do you want to spend time with the people you love too?

I was so pleased with the quality of Nikki’s work – my project came out beautifully, I received prompt response to my enquiries and my project was completed within the agreed time frame. From the very beginning everything was so smooth and well thought out. There was clarity in all communication and the structures & systems Nikki has in place made me feel so well supported and organized. Nikki exceeded my expectations and saved me lots of time, unnecessary stress and confusion. She delivered a project of high quality, beauty and functionality – invaluable! I would recommend Nikki to any entrepreneur who wants to save time and energy by delegating the projects that are out of their zone of genius and expertise to a fully reliable and truly skillful person who will take excellent care of them, support them throughout and actually grant them peace of mind and great results.
Stella Stathi, Body Prema
Stella Stathi

I was very sceptical about hiring someone to do this as I like to be able to do things myself (although I have learnt we can’t be masters at everything!). The person I hired needed to be in alignment with my own values, be personable, professional and adaptable. I had met Nikki previously in her former fitness line of work and felt a connection with her straight away, she was someone I could trust. I have to say I was very impressed not only with Nikki’s professional approach but how she also offered solutions. I would highly recommend her to any business she is extremely professional, reliable, adaptable and most importantly she cares!!!
Claire O'Meara,
Claire O'Meara

Let’s Do This!

What happens next?

Here’s what to expect once you hit the “Work With Me” button!

The Initial Contact

You’ll send me your completed “Work With Me” form telling me about you and your business and what help you need with your website.

If we decide to work together I’ll send over a contract for you to e-sign, your invoice for your project and a welcome bundle to get us acquainted.


Once the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed (or whatever the web version of that would be!) we’ll arrange a time for your Website Review Call.

During the project

You’ll have your own private client area where you can keep up to date with the progress of the work being done on your website or any notes from training sessions, you can ask any questions, send over any files or look at anything I’ve sent to you.

Doesn’t that sound stress-free and easy? It is! 🙂

Let’s Do This!


Do I pay upfront & how do I pay you?
How long does my package last?
What hours do you work?

Let’s Do This!