For those moments when you wish you had a right hand woman to help you come up with a system/strategy for your business or a personal ‘tech coach’ to help you navigate all these online systems you need to run your business!

What types of things can I help you with?

  • Help you create a plan for starting to work with a virtual assistant;
  • Step by step guidance through online systems including (but not limited to!) WordPress, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Canva, PicMonkey, WooCommerce, WishList Member, MeetEdgar, etc.
  • Review systems in your business and help you improve them and make them more efficient.
  • Help you establish systems in your business (if you have none).
  • Help you get started with new strategies in your business like starting email marketing or Facebook ads.
  • Help you out of those tight spots you encounter when DIY-ing your WordPress website so you can move forward and get it finished!

Don’t see your issue listed? Feel free to contact me and see if it’s something I can help with!

Here’s what you’ll get when you book a session:

  • A 60 minute Skype call for me to help you with ANYTHING related to your online business. Need me to help you with a few things? That’s cool – we’ll squeeze every last minute out of the call for you!
  • A video recording of the call for you to refer to any time you need to!

Get the help you need to move your business forward all for £97

Book A Session

To book a Pick My Brain Session simply use the scheduler below to select a convenient time for your call, complete the form to tell me all about you, your business and what you need help with and I’ll see you on the call! 🙂