Setting Up For Success

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

I have to admit, today’s blog challenge was quite tough for me. We have to come up with a daily plan for success – a mini routine that will help us be highly productive and move things forward.

Although I’m already fully focused on my business, I don’t really have a daily routine and I do struggle with that balance between working for clients and working on my own projects to take things forward. I tend to focus to heavily on one and then the other has to wait until another day (usually it’s my own projects that get sidelined!).

I know if I get too eager with this and plan for like 2-3 hours of business projects per day – I probably won’t do this. As a mama entrepreneur there is a constant juggle between home stuff, family life and business stuff. That stuff needs to be managed too so my ideal routine every day has to take this into account.

I’m going to work with the Pomodoro Technique (25 minutes of focused work and 5 minutes break) and spend at least 1 Pomodoro in the relevant life areas each day so that I make some progress.

My Success Routine

I’m going to start this routine after I get home from the school drop off – mornings are all about a nice chilled start to the day with my little girl!

  • General tidy up – 1 Pomodoro (yes, yes I know it’s only cleaning but I’ve found that if my house is a mess I just can’t focus anyway!)
  • Daily Cleaning Task – 1 Pomodoro (this will be whatever is the deeper clean task for the day)
  • Email Processing – 1 Pomodoro (check my business emails and respond to whatever is necessary – I won’t check it again until just before I finish for the day)
  • Writing – 1 Pomodoro (each working day I want to do some writing towards my blog so that I can keep it going)
  • Exercise – 1 Pomodoro (keeping active is really important to me so I want to do something every day to keep myself moving!)
  • BHAG Task – 1 Pomodoro (BHAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goal – I want to spend some time each day working towards my big goal!)

After this point I’ll spend around 4-5 hours each day on client work. I may or may not do the routine above all at once – it could quite possibly be split up into little chunks but as long as it gets done, that’s all that matters!

I have a great app on my phone called 30/30 which will keep track of the time and what tasks I’ve done each day – give it a try!

Take some time today to think about what your success routine would look like. What would you do?

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