Stress in business.

It’s something we all deal with at some time. As much as you love working for yourself there are moments when everything can feel very scattered and stressful. All you can see is an endless stream of tasks and projects, every other person you encounter needs something from you (and they need it now!) and this is all before we take into consideration you need to have some sort of life outside your business.stress in business

As much as I know deep down that I wouldn’t suit the restrictions of being employed I do sometimes think “ah wouldn’t it be nice to finish work for the day and not think about it again until I clock in tomorrow?”. Let’s face it – when you own a business you never stop thinking about it! Not always a bad thing but when you’ve had a stressful day the constant obsessing can be very draining.

I know all the above is true because this was me a week or so ago. I’m a work from home mummy, I’m building up the profile of my Virtual Assistant business and also trying to juggle other income streams. That in itself is a lot and then we can throw in trying to make time to exercise, cooking, keep the house clean and make time for my friends and family. Can you say ‘overload’?!

Feeling completely overwhelmed I turned to the support of other female entrepreneurs and their responses are what inspired me to write this post!

I’m a member of the Female Entrepreneur Association’s Member’s Club – not only is it a brilliant resource for helping you grow your business but the private members group is a fantastic place for advice, support and encouragement – you can check it out here:

Based on the methods I actually used and the advice from the other female entrepreneurs here are my top 5 ways to combat stress in business!

Take 20 minutes of quiet time and switch off.

I personally love to do Yoga. I always feel amazing afterwards and it really clears my mind. A perfect place for mini yoga workouts online is at GaiamTV.

Write it down.

Quite a few of the girls suggesting journalling to me.

Sometimes it helps me to journal everything out!

I take 20 minutes (or more if needed) to write down EVERYTHING that parts of me are worried about, thinking about, trying to plan – just spit it all out.

Get everything out of your head, on paper and then you can work your way through the list and deal with each one!

Get out into nature!

Another popular suggestion was going out for a walk.

I always find walking really empowering. Especially in the evening. I feel I can do anything when I’m out walking

Walking in nature always brings everything down several notches for me.. You will be grounded instantly when you connect your feet to the earth and gain so much clarity……I enjoy walking for at least an hour every a.m. to start day right

Plan ahead!

Nicky Raby of Be Ready Coaching kindly shared this post about planning your week and preparing: Be ready to gain an extra hour per day

It’s such a simple thing to keep a to do list, plan your week ahead and prioritise but how often do we actually make time to do it?

Delegate or Delete!

If you’re stressing yourself out trying to put your own website together or trying to figure out how to manage your email marketing – DELEGATE IT! Hire somebody with expertise in this area and spend your time on the things you are good at, that make you happy! The chances are you are taking at least 2-3 times longer to complete the task than the person you hire would!

That said not everything can be delegated – this didn’t apply to my situation. My issue was centred around a part of another business I run. I wasn’t enjoying it, it gave me a lot of hassle and stress for very little return but I felt I had to keep it in my life until my Virtual Assistant business had grown more.

As the weeks went by this started taking up more and more of my time with various issues and problems. As I think we sometimes all do, my initial strategy was to keep pushing it aside and ignoring it – it was detracting from other important things in my life! But the negativity and problems persisted until I reached the point where I said “enough is enough” and removed it from the business and my life. Sometimes this is really the best thing you can do!

The next time you feel stressed out or overwhelmed with your business try a few of the suggestions above to help you manage it and move forward!

Why not share the article with your fellow business owners too – we could all do with a little help when we’ve had ‘one of those days’!