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This week’s tip is one I only discovered myself last week! It’s a great one if you’re a fan of Evernote but struggle to keep it in order! In this week’s video I’ve started with a brief overview of Evernote for the newbies so if you just want to head straight to the ‘how to’ watch the video from 07:48. Enjoy!

How to keep Evernote Organised with Stacks

Video Transcript

Hi it’s Nikki from Virtually Angels bringing you another Tech Tip Tuesday video. This week’s video, I actually only discovered this tip myself, last week, which is quite shocking considering how many years I’ve used this particular service for! I got that excited about it that I thought I’ve just got to kind of get this in early so everything that was already planned out has been pushed back a week so that I can do this video.

So this week’s video is about how to keep everything in your Evernote account organised because if you’ve been using Evernote already you’ll know that when you’ve created a lot of notes it can be a bit of a pain trying to keep everything nice and organised and really easy to find.

So for anybody who doesn’t know, Evernote is an online notebook basically and you can keep notes on the go because they have apps for your laptop or mac, they’ve got apps for iPhone and iPad and I think they also have apps for Android as well. Well I imagine they will do. Basically you can access, it’s all cloud based, so you can access all your notes and notebooks on the go whenever you’ve got an internet connection. The basic account is free, so definitely, it doesn’t cost anything so have a play around with it if you’ve not already got it. You just need to go to and click on ‘Sign Up Now’. That’s then going to bring up this screen and you just have to enter your email and password that you want to use and click on ‘Sign Up’.

It will then bring up this screen which is just kind of some extra information. So as I mentioned the basic account is free but it does have some limitations. They may or may not be an issue for you but have a read and see if it’s worth upgrading. You’ve got Evernote Premium which is £4 per month and Evernote Business which is currently £8 per month. I do personally use Evernote Premium. I really, really love Evernote, I use it a lot and the premium features, for me, were worth the upgrade. So have a look into it and see if you think you would benefit from either of those. I haven’t got any experience of what you get with Evernote Business but I guess if you’re going to be a really heavy user it might be worth looking at. One of the features in Evernote Premium is taking notes offline so if you’re ever anywhere that you don’t have an internet connection you, on the free account, won’t be able to access your notes or notebooks because you need an internet connection to access them. With Evernote Premium you can mark certain notebooks or notes to be accessed offline and you will be able to still work on them and make changes to them when you don’t have connection to the internet. I felt it was worth the upgrade fee and I’ve actually paid for Evernote Premium for quite a long time now. So have a read of those, see if they are going to be any use to you, but for this example we’re just going to continue on with a free account.

Once you’ve created your account this is the screen that pops up and it looks very similar whether you’re on iPad, on the app for the Mac, so it’s all going to be a very similar layout and work in a similar way. You’ll see on this left hand side we’ve got all the notebooks, tags if you use them – I don’t really tend to use those that often, and any shortcuts. So if you know that you use one particular notebook all the time you can set it as a shortcut there. So I’ll just, for instance blogging, I would use that quite a lot, just drag it up there and I’ve got a shortcut to it now without having to trawl through a massive list of notebooks or even notes.

So to create a new note, surprise, surprise we click on the ‘+ New Note’ button! Then it’s just going to pop up a fresh note here. So we want to assign it to a notebook otherwise everything’s going to get saved to this standard ‘First Notebook’. Just click the arrow at the side of it and I’m going to say this is my new web copy or something like that and we’ll put it under ‘Marketing’. So I’ll put ‘Web Copy’ and then you just type anything you wanted in there (the note). You can change the font, the size of the text, the colour, you’ve got some basic formatting here, hyperlinks that kind of thing. You can indent, you can align it left, right or center, you’ve got numbering, bullets.

This (checkbox) is really good if you’re creating to do lists. So if we click on that little box and then put ‘Pick up milk’ or add another one, click on the checkbox ‘Go to gym’. This is obviously more of a personal thing and then when you’ve done it you can just check the box. So that’s a really good way if you, I’m not particularly great with to do apps, I tend to just ignore them and don’t go in, but if you’ve got a to do list for the day you can just quickly come into Evernote, type up your to do list and then just check it off as you go. So that’s yet another reason that I absolutely love Evernote, it fits absolutely every area of my life, it’s fab.

We’ve also got creating a table here, you can even add attachments. So if you’ve got some PDFs, images that you want to be able to access, maybe you’re thinking “I’m writing my web copy” for example on this note and you have some images that you’re thinking about having on the page you can attach them here so you’ve got everything in one place relating to that particular project or task that you’re doing. It’s really, really good!

Then here you can Share your notes on Facebook, Twitter, by email or send them a link. So if you’re working on something with someone and you want to send them it for a read you can send them it in Evernote.

We’ve got info about the note, when it was created, tags, change the name of the note. Then we’ve got an option for deleting and you can set alarms, so if you wrote something and then thought I want to review this in 2 days time click on the set reminder icon. You can set the date and request a reminder email to be sent to you.

If, when you press the drop down for the notebook and the notebook that you want isn’t there – it’s not been created yet – to do that you just come over to the left hand side and click on the little arrow on the right hand side of the Notebooks heading. Select the option ‘New notebook’ and type your new notebook name.

One problem that I had, I’m a little bit OTT with organising things and I found it frustrating that I would have several different notebooks that related to one big topic. So I have my own business, Virtually Angels, I would have notebooks that related to different areas of my business. For example blogging, marketing, etc but as you can see they’re not next to each other in the list, they’re not organised in any way. Every notebook is just in an alphabetical list but I would want to group everything relating to one particular area together and shockingly, I didn’t know until last week that you could actually do this! So I’ve been using Evernote for years and I literally only just discovered this.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to create a Stack and basically that gives an overarching topic – so mine would be my business name ‘Virtually Angels’ – and then all the notebooks that relate to Virtually Angels whether it’s blogging, marketing, web copy, policies & processes – they will then all be organised underneath that topic rather than just all being sorted by alphabetical order.

To create a Stack all we do is click on one notebook and hold the mouse button down. Then drag the notebook over another notebook that relates to the same topic. So I’m going to drag marketing up to blogging. So select it, drag it over, and once it’s there release the mouse button and it will pop up with a box asking you to name the Stack. You’ll see it’s now created a little Stack and it shows it’s a stack because it has an image of multiple notebooks stacked together. Clicking the arrow at the side will expand and collapse the Stack (showing and hiding the notebooks within it).

So that is how to create Stacks in Evernote to keep your notebooks and notes a little bit more organised. I hope you found this helpful, I know I was so excited when I discovered this! It’s really helped me to get my Evernote account under control, in better organisation and I’ve now created even more sub-categories within bigger topics. Have a play around with it, if you’ve not used Evernote before, give it a try.

If you’ve got any other Evernote tips leave me them in the comments below or head over to Facebook or tweet me @prettygeekybiz.

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