Things to Delegate to a Virtual AssistantAs this week is my 30th birthday I’ve decided to theme this week’s blog as all things 30! So for your reading pleasure here are my top 30 things to delegate to a Virtual Assistant!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will be the best move you ever make for your business……if you do it right that is!  Most people do the hard part and hire someone only to sit there and never delegate anything!

It can be incredibly overwhelming knowing where to start and that’s why most people end up frozen from fear! I’ve made a list of 30 things you can delegate that are really easy to implement and will give you more free time!

1. Content Curation for Social Media

A strong presence on Social Media is crucial for your business but you’d be foolish to think this means posting “me, me, me” all the time. Your fans and followers want great quality content and a fantastic way to do this (besides posting your own of course), is to share other people’s great content! If you run a health & fitness blog you could share other people’s fat burning recipes, if you run a marketing agency you could share industry articles with advice for your audience.

It can however, be really time consuming searching all this stuff out! This is an ideal task to give to your Virtual Assistant – simply let them know the types of content you would like to share and they’ll go search it out for you! 🙂

2. Blog Post Recycling

Untitled design (14)If you have a business presence online the chances are you’ll have some form of a blog whether it consists of written blogs, photos or videos. Putting content out there is a fantastic strategy for positioning you as an expert, getting your search engine ranking up and giving your audience valuable information for free.

When you’ve spent all that time coming up with great content it would be crazy to just post about it once or twice and then forget it ever existed!

Blog recycling means your content can reach a wider audience who have probably never seen it before.  A Virtual Assistant can put a schedule in place to recirculate all your old content to fresh eyes.  This is such a simple thing to delegate, it won’t cost you the earth and it will ultimately increase traffic to your blog and boost your profile! 🙂

3. List Building

If Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn all crashed tomorrow do you have a method for contacting your clients and prospects?

I’m really hoping that answer is yes! The likelihood is that you have an email marketing list or a newsletter list. Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your clients without having to battle algorithms and organic reach decline!

If you want to grow your business you need more subscribers on this list right? Cue your Virtual Assistant – they can do things like post links to your sign up via Social Media or they can submit your content for guest posts and open you up to a new audience!

4. Customer Service

Keeping in touch with your clients after they’ve purchased is crucial. You need to make sure they are happy and that you continue to nurture the relationship you built to increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase!

This can easily be made into a system (eg template emails to go out at set intervals) and given to a VA to carry out for you. They can also keep a record of contact with your clients so that you can easily update yourself any time you need to.

5. Uploading blog posts

It can be time consuming enough just creating fresh content on a regular basis, this is before we factor in time to format and upload your blog post! Just because you wrote the content it doesn’t mean you have to be the one getting it out there.

Virtual Assistants are generally great with technology (we have to be when our businesses are based online!) so it’s pretty easy to get content online quickly and looking great. (And yes that includes a featured blog image too!).

6. Setting up Facebook Adverts

Facebook Adverts are a great way to build your business but in all honesty they can be very time consuming and frustrating to set up – particularly if you’re not experienced in doing them!

A Virtual Assistant can set up the adverts to your specifications, help you design the creative ensuring you meet Facebook regulations and they can help you monitor the stats so you can focus on adverts that work!

7. Creating memes/quote images for Social Media

One of the best types of updates on Social Media without a doubt is images. When they’re engaging they get shared like crazy and can really boost your fan base. Give your VA an idea of the types of content you like and have them create you a few branded memes each week.

This is something again that’s really easy to implement, quick to do and they can even be uploaded on your behalf – beyond the initial instruction you don’t really need to do anything except approve them! Simple!


8. Putting together your e-book

Whether it’s your mailing list sign up freebie or an ebook you plan to sell on your website, simply email the content to your VA and they will proof it and make it look awesome complete with a cover. 🙂

9. Email Management

There’s nothing worse for sucking all the time out of your day than email. Whether your inbox is cluttered with spam, marketing emails, queries or orders it can be a constant battle to keep it at bay. Hire a Virtual Assistant to clear and organise your inbox and bring the important emails to your attention.

10. Calendar Management

If your business involves a lot of meetings and appointments it can be hectic trying to keep your calendar organised and up to date. Your Virtual Assistant can help you with planning your week and making sure you don’t have any schedule clashes!

11. Editorial Calendar

If you have an online business the chances are you’re creating content on a regular basis in the form of a blog. Having an editorial calendar will help you to stay on top of your blogging and make sure you’re not rushing to create your blog post at the last minute! Your VA can help you plan out your blogging and set up deadlines and reminders to make sure your blogs go out on time!

12. Reviewing content/copy

Having another pair of eyes to review your content or web copy can be a god send when you’ve looked at it for so long you think you’re going cross eyed. Your VA will pick up on the grammar or spelling errors you miss, proof read and offer suggestions on how you can improve the content or make it easier to read.

13. Creating lead pages

Lead pages are a great way to get people to sign up to your mailing list or product/service but you can spend hours trying to set them up and get them right. Send the content to your Virtual Assistant and have them put the page together for you to review and tweak as you feel necessary – I guarantee it won’t take half as long!

14. Amending your website

Your website is a constant work in progress. As your business develops you’ll likely have changes you want to make or new pages to add. If you’re not particularly techy this is a job that can easily span into hours when it doesn’t need to! Get your Virtual Assistant to make the changes for you and all you need to do is take a look over the changes and make sure they’re what you had in mind!

15. Web Maintenance

Untitled design (15)This is one task that is often neglected but so, so important. Once you’ve created your website it’s not a case of that’s it, done. Your website needs to be taken care of on a regular basis so it can stay as awesome as you intended it to be. You need to make sure you take regular back ups of your site so if the worst was to happen you can quickly get back online again without losing all your content.

Web Security is also a HUGELY important thing to consider. With hacking and viruses on the rise (remember Heartbleed?) it’s vital you do everything you can to protect yourself. Along with other measures you can put in place, keeping your plugins and software up to date is a big part of this (can you remember the last time you took notice of the “Please Update to version XXXX” notice?).

Let your VA take care of your site maintenance so you can stay online, keep your site secure and be prepared should the worst happen!

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16. Managing your Virtual Team

If you work with a number of contractors for your business eg a Graphic Designer, a Web Developer, a Copy Writer, etc it can be really difficult to manage multiple people, keep everything in order and moving along. Hiring a VA to manage your team on your behalf and feedback to you will really streamline your workload by giving you just 1 person to deal with on a day to day basis. Less confusion = Less stress! 🙂

17. Research

Research, although essential when you’re creating new products/services, can be really time consuming to do. Give the details of what you need researching to your VA and let them go find the information and present it to you in an easy to understand summary!

18. Reports

As Peter Drucker once said “What gets measured, gets managed”. Keeping an eye on the facts and figures in your business is essential to make sure you are heading towards your goals and targets. Have your Virtual Assistant create a weekly or monthly report for you that could summarise your Social Media stats, your Sales Figures, your Email Marketing stats, your Facebook Ad stats, etc. This way you can get a great overview of how your business is performing without spending hours looking at data.

19. Newsletter Management

Sending out a newsletter on a regular basis is something that requires a lot of commitment and along with blogging it’s the one thing I see that people do not do consistently. When you’re overwhelmed with your workload it’s the first thing that drops but its a great form of marketing for your business. Work with a Virtual Assistant to help them manage your newsletter. They’ll put together the template, add the content for you and keep you on track so you don’t hit and miss!

20. Booking Travel

When you’re travelling for business your Virtual Assistant can compare prices between companies, figure out the best options for you and organise everything you need to travel stress free – go on give it a try!

21. Setting up e-commerce for your website

Do you want to sell products/services from your website but don’t have the technology or the know how to set it up? Delegate it to your VA! They will set everything up and ensure everything works so you don’t have to worry!

22. Set up a membership site

Exactly the same as point 21, setting up membership sites require some techy know how and your Virtual Assistant is the perfect person for the job. They’ll help you map out the structure and make sure everything runs seamlessly.

23. Event Organisation

Organising events can be killer for your stress levels as there are so many factors to consider and cover. Virtual Assistants are natural organisers so work with yours to manage your event organisation and take some of the stress and worry away from you.

24. Web Design

Having a great presence on the web is essential in business but it can be a technical headache if this isn’t your area of expertise. Many Virtual Assistants are equipped with the skills to build you a great website that showcases your business and more importantly, brings the money in!

25. Manage comments on your blog

As your blog gains popularity and starts to bring in more visitors you can find yourself inundated with comments to moderate on your blog (not to mention some spam to filter too!). Delegate this to your Virtual Assistant who will ensure your loyal readers are responded to and the spammers are sent on their way!

26. Follow up with your clients/prospects

When you’re dealing with lots of prospects it can be difficult remembering to touch base with everyone and this can mean lost sales! Work with your VA to put a follow up process in place so you always know what contact you’ve had with prospects and you can follow up with them promptly.

27. Project Management

Project Management can be a huge headache especially when you’ve got a million ideas in your head! Virtual Assistants are a great support for managing your projects and helping make sure everything gets completed and dealt with. They will work with you to map out your project and keep all the tasks moving along to get your project to completion.

28. File Storage Organisation

Keeping your electronic files in order is essential for staying productive in your business. But how many times do you open your Dropbox folder and find a scattered mess of images, documents, spreadsheets and folders? Let your VA organise your electronic filing system so it’s easy to find anything you need with a simple click or two!

29. Creating slides for webinar presentations

If you’re a regular webinar presenter you’ll know it’s essential your presentation looks polished and slick. You can spend hours making them ‘pretty’ when what you should really be spending your time on is making your presentation awesome! Let your Virtual Assistant take care of the visuals and all you need to worry about is the content.

30. Creating written transcription for your audio/videos

You may love to blog by video but not everybody likes to consume their content that way. Having your VA transcribe your videos will open up your blog to a whole new audience and ultimately get your information to more people. You can still post your videos but underneath you’ll now have an ace transcription for those who prefer to read content. 🙂

So there you have it!

First, congratulations for making it to the end of that mammoth post – I really hope it’s sparked some ideas of what you could delegate today. Leave me a comment and let me know which task you decided to outsource!

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