What's Holding Me Back?

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

Have you ever noticed how some goals, whilst still challenging are somewhat easy to achieve, but others (usually the big super life changing goals) seem constantly out of reach? You get so far and then ‘something’ happens that knocks you back 10 paces.

For a while now I’ve been stuck in that frustrating process of chasing down a goal I really want and repeatedly getting thrown off course or feeling blocked.

In today’s blog post from Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Blog Challenge, Natalie asked us to write about the challenges we’re facing in pursuit of our freedom goals and how we think we can get round them. So here (with much anxiety as I type) are mine:

Lack Of Consistency

As a self confessed multipotentialite I am very prone to ‘wanting my fingers in every pie’ which quite often can result in jumping from one thing to the next and never really making much traction with anything! The thing is I love so many things that focusing on just one leaves me feeling unfulfilled.

How Could I Combat This?

  • Schedule my week

I’m going to map out time for all my businesses (I have 2 plus another blog!) in my week so that everything I need to work on can move forward in the week. I’m going to make sure all important family and personal time is slotted in and then fit my businesses around that remaining free time I have left. Then all I need to do is stick with the plan.

  • Simplify the things I have on my plate

Even just with one thing to focus on it can be so easy to over complicate things. With 2 businesses and a blog it’s a recipe for potential disaster! I’m going to run through my services and blogs and really strip things back and simplify. Stick to the simplest offerings and systems instead of having a catalogue of choices!

Chaotic Income

Being an entrepreneur can be a crazy rollercoaster when it comes to finances. One week you feel like the richest mama on the block, the next you’re frantically searching for sales and/or clients! I’ve found that this rollercoaster has a huge effect on my motivation and how I can move forward with my business. This has by far become the biggest stumbling block for me over the last few years.

How Could I Combat This?

  • Cut any unnecessary expenses

It’s so easy to succumb to shiny object syndrome and think you need every fancy tool or program under the sun for your business. I’m going to run through all my expenses and get rid of anything that isn’t really contributing to my business and helping me add revenue. I’m also going to stop the thinking that the next program I sign up to will change everything, because a lot of the time they don’t. Many things I’ve signed up to have been the same information over and over which begs the question that maybe it’s time I trust that I know what I need to, to get what I want?

  • Map out the path to the income I need

Instead of sitting with nothing more than a figure to aim for I’m going to make a simple plan to show my mind how I can achieve it. For example 2 x Web Designs and 2 x Website Overhauls each month rather than aimlessly chasing ANY work and ending up needing to complete a bajillion small cost services and burning myself out in the process.

  • Do one free or low cost marketing action step each day

I may not have the budget for paid advertising but you can do lots of things for free to market your business. In order to avoid overwhelm and promote consistency I’m going to do one thing to market my business each day.

So there you have it!

Why not reflect on the challenges you’re facing and see what ideas you can come up with to overcome them! Until tomorrow!

  • Sparksmore

    Nice post! I hear you on these two challenges because I face the same things. If we were not asked to limit the number to 2 or 3 I would have written about 20 things I think 🙂

    Your best advice was this: “Do one free or low cost marketing action step each day”. That was a great take-away for me. Thanks for writing!

    • Haha yes I hear you – I could have wrote so much more but I think for me these 2 are the biggies!

      Glad you liked my advice and I am very grateful you took the time to read my blog! 🙂

      Nikki x